November 14, 2018


All students receiving face to face lessons are given free access to Coda Guitar.

Coda Guitar offers online video lessons in electric and acoustic playing styles and contains both technique and song lessons. Coda Guitar’s approach to tuition is based around the Rockschool grade syllabus where students learn through playing soundalike songs in different styles at different learning levels.

Each song lessons offers downloadable scores, diagrams and audio backing tracks, to be used alongside the video which is split into easy to view chapters. Commercial song lessons are also available covering some of the most popular tracks from this century and last.

New content is regularly added by Sion Littledyke and other contributors. Watch this space for more details, and you can find us on Facebook or check out our YouTube Channel where there are exclusive roots and blues lessons for Cigar Box Guitar.

Example Video Lessons from Coda Guitar

Level 1 Acoustic Song preview:

Level 1 Metal Song preview:

Beginner lesson introducing hammer ons and pull offs:

Beginner lesson introducing power chords:

Beginner level example riff: