November 14, 2018


“Excellent teacher!
Provides first rate tuition in a wide range of musical styles and genres, for students of all ages and abilities. If you want to prepare for music grade exams, improve specific aspects of your playing, or simply learn to play for your own pleasure, this is the place to go :)” 
Charles Milnes, Wakefield

 “I only took up the guitar in my late 40s, never having played any instrument before and quickly began to enjoy it. I don’t always have the time or the inclination to practice but Sion is always encouraging and patient.
He’s guided me to merits in grade 3 and 4 rock guitar and always has a range of suggestions of what I can attempt next. Lessons are always relaxed yet challenging. It’s great to feel like I’m making progress. Looking forward to grade 5.” 
Jane Taylor, Wakefield

“Joe has been receiving lessons for 12 months and his progress both in practical and music reading terms, I can only describe as remarkable, bearing in mind Joe could not read a note of music prior to commencing lessons. Joe looks forward to attending lessons and I would recommend Sion as a tutor to others without hesitation.” Peter Doody, grandparent of Joe, Crofton

 “Sion has been teaching my son for close to 3 years. My son has passed grade 3 in classical guitar. Sion is extremely patient with him and is very organised in his teaching methods. Overall an excellent tutor. Highly recommended.” Chandar Kothapalli, parent of Ruthvik, Wakefield

“Great music teacher lessons are taken by Sion BA(hons) music in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. I’ve been taking lessons now for two years and Sion has helped me pass music exams and understand music theory highly recommended.” Paul Gibson, Castleford

 “We’re thrilled with Luke’s progress who only started 4 months ago. It has been fantastic to listen to him develop his skills, from the initial sounds to tunes in such a short space of time. He is not only playing the guitar but also beginning to read music. Luke is really enjoying his lessons. He is learning different styles at a pace which suits him, this has inspired his own taste in music.” Karen Hodgkinson, parent of Luke, Leeds

“Sion has taught my son since the age of five, he has passed grade one well and is working towards grade two. Sion is very patient with kids and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him.” Angela Townend, parent of William, Wakefield

“My friend who is in his seventies, and had never played any guitar previously, always wanted to play steel guitar. He thought he had left it too late to learn, but Sion is such a good tutor, patient and encouraging him to learn at his own pace, that my friend is now able to play the music he enjoys.” Judith Cass, Batley

 “Sion has been teaching my 8 year old daughter Mabel for a while now. He is very patient with her, and allows her to learn in a fun relaxed environment. She really looks forward to her lessons every week, and is doing great! Would definitely recommend.” Claire Burdekin, parent of Mabel, Wakefield

 “My daughter has been learning guitar with Sion for a few years now. Beyond teaching her the basic technique of being able to play he has also been supportive and encouraged her to express her own creativity (by writing her own pieces for example), allowing her to learn the type of music that she is most interested in and changing from acoustic to electric guitar when she developed an interest in doing so.” Lisa Vercelli, parent of Laura, Wakefield

 “First class guitar tutor. Sion is extremely patient, and always has suggestions as to what to learn next, and what to practice at home.
He always remembers to contact me to arrange a lesson, and is extremely accommodating with which days and times he can offer, which is invaluable as I work shifts and can’t make regular appointments. Highly recommended.” 
Andrew Kitson, Wakefield

“The lessons are really good and interesting.  The songs are challenging but fun to learn and I find that I pick it up quickly.” Matthew Bartlam, age 8, Castleford

“Great teacher. My teenage girls have loved learning with Sion.” Vicki Greensmith, parent of Ella and Freya, Wakefield

 “Left it late in life to start learning to play the guitar, but found Sion very understanding and has the knowledge to see area’s how I’m playing to correct position to achieve best sound results. Recommend by Mike” Mike Guest, Notton

 “Sion is very talented and very keen to pass on his knowledge and skill. William thoroughly enjoys his lessons, Sion is calm and patient and good at explaining things, William is progressing really well after only a short time, would highly recommend” Emma Young, parent of William, Wakefield

“The lessons have inspired me to push my playing and develop my skill. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to play the songs, but with the lessons breaking them down into simple sections I soon improved, and before long I was playing along with the backing tracks.”  Andrew Wright, Leeds

 “I’ve been studying with Sion for over a year and a half now.
Sion has been nothing but kind, understanding, knowledgeable and patient when it’s come to teaching me. More over, if and when I have children, this is the man I will be bringing my children to learn guitar/bass/ukulele from. Sion knows all three and more.
I’ve always felt I could approach any topic of the guitar with ease due to his immense knowledge and guided approach to teaching. When I am wrong about a subject, he’s handled it with grace and pointed me in the right direction. Not only that, I felt impressed about his knowledge. It’s quite awe inspiring.
He’s help cultivate my passion for the guitar. I believe if I simply used the internet to learn, I would’ve lost interest.As such, he keeps you motivated, interested & I am keen to learn more. Sure it’s hard work and you get what you put in, but an amazing tutor helps massively.
Simply put, there is not enough stars on this form to give him. And I would like to take the opportunity to thank you Sion for everything you’ve taught me and what you are going to teach me. Thank you!
” Danny Harris, Wakefield

“Great teacher, makes learning fun and easy with lessons tailored to your ability. Would highly recommend” Alex Macdonald, Wakefield

“I like the mix of riffs and chords which make the songs interesting. They have helped my playing progress.”  Thomas Widdowson, age 13, Castleford

 “We were recommended Sion as a guitar teacher about 6½ years ago after our eldest son showed an interest in learning to play, and in that time Sion has coached Daniel through guitar grades and also GCSE and A level music courses. In the last 18 months Sion as been teaching my youngest son James and also myself to play the guitar. In this time I have always found Sion to be a professional and very capable guitar teacher he is patient and understanding of all his students’ needs. Both my wife and I have always felt that Daniel and James were in a safe environment whilst receiving lessons.

Sion has always been flexible with lesson times and can be relied upon to contact us every week to confirm lesson times, the lesson structure is always a good and he always tailors the song or track choice to the level of ability of his student, and will often ask what types of music the student likes in order to choose a piece of music to keep lessons relevant and interesting. I would fully recommend Sion for teaching any age of student.”
Richard Senior, parent of Daniel and James, Wakefield

“Sion has been my son’s guitar tutor for the last 7 months. He always brings home something positive from each lesson, but also knows where more work needs to be done. Sion seems to have a lot of patience, which in my opinion is a great quality when working with children.
Whenever I have sat in the lessons, I have seen him work to suit my child’s taste and pace, gently encouraging him to keep focus on the task at hand. I have also noticed him make the effort to answer any related questions. I would recommend Sion to any parent who is looking forward to introducing their child to the beautiful and enjoyable world of music.” 
Ms M Sebastian, parent of Roshan, Wakefield

“Playing tracks tailored to my ability has improved my skills, and is fun at the same time.“  Colin Morris, Wakefield

 “I found the lessons very useful in developing my Power chords, something i had struggled with in the past. As well as being very useful in improving playing they are also fun and interesting pieces to play.” Paddy Crier, age 17, Wakefield

“Aidan has been having lessons for a few months now, having never played a guitar previously. He enjoys his lessons and is progressing well. Sion is very good at communicating with Aidan, is patient, uses appropriately encouraging language and is good at getting the necessary theory across at a level which Aidan understands. Importantly, the (inevitable) mistakes which Aidan makes are dealt with in a positive and encouraging way, and turned into learning points.
I am very pleased with the lessons and we have already recommended Sion to Aidan’s friends who are taking up guitar.” 
Dave Bollon, parent of Aiden, Wakefield

Testimonials from Coda Guitar

“What I find most impressive about the Coda Guitar website is the attention to detail given to techniques such as posture and how to hold a pick correctly. As a guitar tutor myself I often find that people haven’t been shown these things at all by some tutors and need to “re learn” these techniques.”
G. Clayton: Guitar Tutor: Artforms Music Service, Leeds

“Even now, as a busy working musician, being an entirely self taught guitarist, I wish I had had such a comprehensive and thorough grounding in the basics of technique and physicalities of playing the guitar when I first picked up the instrument, as it would have saved me many long hours in later years undoing the bad habits I had developed. Following the clear and simple Coda guitar lessons makes it virtually impossible to fall into these pitfalls. Thoroughly recommended.”
P. Sumpter: Composer, Producer, Session Player: The Futz Butler, London

“I’ve been directing students from my workshops to the coda guitar site so they can brush up on their skills each week outside of the sessions. Out of all the internet guitar sites I’ve seen I find the Coda site the most relevant and the easiest to use.”
L. Smith: Creative Workshop Leader: Greenmount Studios, Leeds

“Coda Guitar is a great website for aspiring guitarists from absolute beginner to more experienced players. It covers all styles of music which means students will develop skills in different genres and become well rounded and informed musicians. I would highly recommend this site to all my guitar students as it covers areas of playing from posture and picking to chord shapes and fretting techniques. This also makes the site good for more advanced or self taught players as it gives them a chance to brush up on technique and iron out any bad habits they may have picked up over the years.
The Tools section is also a great addition to the site with the Tuner, Drum Machine, Chord and Scale charts. This means you can reference and solve questions without having to leave the site. Overall, an excellent website for guitarists.”

L. Cave: Performance Tutor: City and Islington College, London (Beacon Status, rated as outstanding by Ofsted and winner of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize 2007)

“The styles of the Coda Music pieces are varied and backing tracks are excellent giving me more incentive to learn them. My basic skills have really improved using these pieces.”
Elizabeth Holling, age 11

“Thanks for the web site. I have been using it for the past few weeks and I am finding it really good. You have made it very simple for beginners like myself. I’m really enjoying the lessons, they are very clear.
Once again thank you and keep up the good work” 

Beldev Birdi, age 40

“Learning the beginner blues and classic rock songs enabled me to play something early on which started to sound half decent and encouraged me to keep up with the learning process.
The starter guitar songs make you feel like you are playing in a band and although when you first try them it freaks you out trying to keep up, they are thoroughly enjoyable.
Also learning to play along to the drum machine is extremely good. Although scary to start with it does focus your playing.”

Paul Smith, age 55