September 21, 2018

Learn a song

Most people are inspired to learn an instrument because of the music they listen to, or because they saw a great band play live.

Whatever style a student is into, or whatever level their playing is at, they usually find it most enjoyable to play music they know. The aim is for students to enjoy playing since they will develop more quickly due to practising more regularly, and will continue playing for longer while they find it interesting.

Lessons are based around learning songs as much as possible. Songs are taken from styles which suit students’ tastes and are introduced in a developmental way so that new techniques and increased levels of difficulty improve playing.

Sometimes exercises are covered to support techniques used in songs, and theory elements introduced to help explain songs and increase musical understanding.


Tuition is offered to help students pass grade exams in guitar and bass.

Which type of exam to take often depends on the preferred playing style of students, and which they feel will be the most interesting and beneficial syllabus to follow.

Rockschool: tuition is offered for electric guitar and bass exams

RGT: tuition is offered for electric and acoustic guitar, and electric bass exams

ABRSM: tuition is offered for classical guitar exams

As well as helping to gauge progress and development, grades can help when studying music at higher levels. Grades 3, 4 and 5 are equivalent to the performance level needed when studying GCSE music, and grades 5 – 8 are equivalent to AS, A2 and BTEC (FE), performance standards. Extra marks can even be gained when playing grade pieces for performances. When applying for courses at degree level (HE), grades 6 – 8 also count towards UCAS points and are added to points gained from A2 level and BTEC qualifications.

Free video lessons

All students receiving face to face lessons are given free access to

Coda Guitar offers online video lessons in electric and acoustic playing styles and contains both technique and song lessons. Coda Guitar’s approach to tuition is based around the Rockschool grade syllabus where students learn through playing soundalike songs in different styles at different learning levels.

Each song lessons offers downloadable scores, diagrams and audio backing tracks, to be used alongside the video which is split into easy to view chapters.

New content will be added throughout 2011 by both Sion Littledyke and new guitar tutors. Watch this space for more details and you can find us on Facebook or view our blog for up to date information.

We aim to include commercial song lessons covering some of the most popular tracks from this century and last, and work is also underway on a bass guitar version of the site.

GCSE and A level support

Support for GCSE, A-level and BTEC courses normally involves preparation for practical exam performances. Tuition is offered for both individual and group peformance exams.

Theory tuition is also offered in support of listening and harmony exams.

Composition and recording

Lessons can focus on how to compose using scales and chords, how to write for different instruments and how to structure arrangements.

Areas covered also include:

  • composing in different styles
  • how different chords and scales create different moods
  • layering music and using different instruments
  • writing music for film, documentary etc.

Demo recording facilities are available for students to produce their own compositions. Tuition is also offered in recording techniques, mixing and production. Tuition is generally given using Cubase, although Logic Pro can also be covered on request.


Useful and practical aspects of music theory are introduced in lessons to support songs and general playing.

On request support can be provided for students wishing to pass theory exams such as those from ABRSM

Areas of theory which can be covered in lessons include:

  • sight reading
  • ear training / development of listening skills
  • understanding time signatures, key signatures and other rudiments
  • chords and constructing sequences
  • scales and harmonisation
  • modes
  • key changes and jazz theory

Ska Wars gigs

Upcoming shows
Manchester Corporate Event 27/04/12
Cambridge Private Wedding 15/09/12
Northwich Scooter Festival 06/07/13
Past show archive
London The World’s End 02/12/11
Wakefield Middlestown WMC 12/11/11
Glossop The Globe 11/11/11
Holmfirth The Nook 29/10/11
Woking Chobham Club 24/09/11
Crewkerne Hewishstock 27/08/11
Gravesend Big Day Out Festival 23/07/11
Crewkerne FinFest 09/07/11
Crewkerne Private Wedding 09/07/11
Chertsey Private Wedding 01/07/11
Whitchurch Private Party 11/06/11
Holmfirth CrickStock 29/05/11
Leeds The Wardrobe 28/05/11
Glossop The Globe 27/05/11
London Charing Cross Hotel 08/04/11
London The World’s End 25/03/11
Hitchin Hitchin Town FC 19/03/11
Addlestone Abbey Moore Golf Club 23/12/10
London The Rocket 18/12/10
Shipley The Copper Beech Club 13/11/10
Nottingham The Rodney Pub 06/11/10
Camberley Private Wedding 25/09/10
Liverpool Private Wedding 11/09/10
Liverpool Mathew St Festival, Modfest Stage 30/08/10
Burnley Inside Out 29/08/10
Burnley Inside Out 29/08/10
Crewkerne Hewishstock 28/08/10
Harrogate Crown Hotel 09/07/10
Haslemere Grayshott WMC 01/05/10
London The World’s End 30/04/10
Waybridge Privat Party 19/02/10
Chepstow Severnbridge Social Club 21/11/09
Wakefield Private Party 14/11/09
Wollacombe Wollacombe Holiday Park 11/10/09
Glossop The Globe 03/10/09
London Kew Bridge Steam Museum 26/09/09
Crewkerne Hewishstock 29/08/09
Crewkerne Private Party 18/07/09
Northwich Town Hall 13/06/09
Wakefield Middlestown WMC 30/05/09
Burnley Inside Out 24/05/09
Birmingham Avenue Members Club 11/04/09
Mold Private Wedding 28/02/09
Hull Private Party 07/02/09
Grimsby Bailey’s Live 06/02/09
Swindon Private Party 23/01/09
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 28/06/08
Glossop The Globe 27/10/07
Worcester The Nash 01/09/07
Isle of Wight Bembridge Coast Hotel 25/08/07
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 30/06/07
Castle Donnington Download Festival 2007 15/06/07
Birmingham ICC 14/04/07
Swindon The Moonies 13/01/07
Harrogate Nidd Hall Hotel 13/10/06
Glossop The Globe 07/10/06
Wolverhampton Ramada Jarvis Hotel 28/07/06
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 24/06/06
Hungerford Littlecoat House Hotel 16/06/06
Coventry Peugeot Conference 03/06/06
Bristol NSPCC 25/03/06
Farnham Badshot LEA WMC 11/03/06
Dorking Friends Provident Social Club 07/01/06
South Normanton Community Centre 16/12/05
Leeds Herd Farm Events Centre 29/10/05
Glossop The Globe 01/10/05
Exmouth Royal Marines 25/06/05
Dumphries Bladnoch Distillery Scooter Rally 18/06/05
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 11/06/05
Didcot The Marlborough Club 04/06/05
Birmingham ICC 09/04/05
Glossop The Globe 16/10/04
Bradford Centenary Square 28/08/04
London Dartford Festival 17/07/04
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 26/06/04
Bedford Bedford Festival 12/06/04
Northwich Rotary Club Beer Festival 28/06/03
Leeds Millenium Square 13/06/03
Sheffield The Boardwalk 16/05/03
Manchester Town Hall 18/04/03
Bradford Rio’s Nightclub 07/03/03
Portsmouth Seafront Festival 21/07/02
London Dartford Festival 20/07/02
Guildford Guilfest 2002 19/07/02
Leeds Hyde Park Unity Day Festival 06/07/02
Nottingham Sust’n’Able Festival 08/06/02
Bradford Centenary Square 01/06/02
Leeds BBC Music Live, Briggate Stage 11/05/02

The Burning Aces gigs

Southampton Corporate Event 22/12/11
Birmingham Corporate Event 18/10/11
Northampton Private Wedding 10/09/11
Morpeth Private Wedding 03/09/11
Richmond Private Wedding 27/08/11
Leeds Private Wedding 20/08/11
Leicester Private Wedding 30/07/11
Shropshire Private Wedding 02/07/11
Surrey Corporate Event 19/05/11
Stone Private Birthday 14/05/11
London Private Wedding 02/18/11
Lancaster High Bentham Golf Club 20/11/10
Lancaster Private Party 03/07/10